NTSB Wants Database of Truck Drivers

Kevin Anderson Employment and Labor, Regulations

NTSB_logThe National Transportation Safety Board (“NTSB”) has made four recommendations to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (“FMCSA”), which, if adopted by the FMCSA, would change how trucking companies screen truck drivers prior to hiring. Specifically, the screening recommendations would result in the establishment of a national database for CDL holders and require motor carriers to screen 10 years’ worth of employment history prior to hiring a driver.

Here are the four NTSB Safety Recommendations made to FMCSA:

  • H-12-54: Create a mechanism to gather and record commercial driving-related employment history information about all drivers who have a commercial driver’s license, and make this information available to all prospective motor carrier employers.
  • H-12-55: Using the mechanism developed in Safety Recommendation H-12-54, require motor carriers to conduct and document investigations into the employment records of prospective drivers for the 10 years that precede the application date.
  • H-12-55: Require motor carriers to retrieve records from the Commercial Driver’s License Information System (CDLIS) and the National Driver Register (NDR) for all driver applicants so that they can obtain a complete driving and license history of prospective drivers.
  • H-12-56: Inform commercial vehicle inspectors of (1) the importance of taking pushrod stroke measurements within the specified pressure range, (2) the relationship between pushrod stroke and specific air pressure, and (3) the consequence of taking measurements outside of this range.

The NTSB has requested that the FMCSA take action on the four recommendations within 90 days.  Should the FMCSA respond with a proposed rule change for a 10-year database, the public will get a chance to comment.