Jim & Dianna Murphy Charitable Funds

Kevin Anderson Transportation

As Trustee of Jim Murphy’s testamentary trusts,  I established the Jim & Dianna Murphy Fund and the Jim & Dianna Murphy Scholarship Fund with The Oregon Community Foundation.

For many years, Jim & Dianna Murphy owned and operated Interstate Heavy Hauling, Inc., one of the dominant heavy haulers in the Pacific Northwest. Jim passed away in 2004, and Interstate Heavy Hauling closed shortly thereafter. Dianna passed away in 2011, at which time Jim’s testamentary trusts terminated and the Trustee was instructed to complete administration of the trusts and then make charitable gifts of the remainder.

The Jim & Dianna Murphy Fund will make charitable donations for the creation of or support of opportunities and programs that introduce individuals to vocational careers, with a preference for those related to the commercial trucking industry. Programs that focus on high school students, people who are being retrained for new careers and veterans are preferred. Kirsten Kilchenstein at The Oregon Community Foundation, telephone number 503-227-6846, can tell you how to get a program considered and answer your other questions.

The Jim & Dianna Murphy Scholarship Fund will make charitable distributions for the award of scholarships to graduates (or the equivalent) of high schools in the state of Oregon who are pursuing a career in the trades or a technical field, with first preference for the commercial trucking industry or in diesel technologies, including mechanics, for use in pursuit of post-secondary education at community colleges, trade schools and vocational schools in Oregon that are eligible to participate in the federal student financial aid program. The purpose of the Fund is to provide scholarships to those students who show vocational potential and due to their economic circumstances are not able to pay their total college costs from personal or family resources. The scholarships are renewable. Belle Cantor at The Oregon Community Foundation, telephone number 503-227-6846, can tell you how to apply for a scholarship and answer your other questions. The deadline to apply is March 1 for the following academic year. Applications for scholarships may be made online at http://www.oregonstudentaid.gov/.

John Anderson, Trustee, Jim Murphy Testamentary Trusts