Roadcheck 2013 is June 4-6

Kevin Anderson Citations / Violations

cvsa_logoThe CVSA (Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance) Roadcheck will take place June 4 – 6. CVSA certified inspectors will be out in force to conduct compliance, enforcement and educational initiatives targeted at various elements of motor carrier, vehicle, driver and cargo safety and security. Brakes, tires, lights, and other major component of the truck are examined during the 72 hours of Roadcheck. It’s expected that approximately 14 trucks or buses will be inspected every minute from Canada to Mexico during this timeframe.

Ensuring compliance with the U.S., Canadian and Mexican federal, provincial and state motor carrier safety regulations will be a top priority for both enforcement and industry during the event. Approximately three times the typical daily number of inspections will be conducted during the campaign. This year, in addition to North American Standard Level I inspections, Roadcheck is focusing special enforcement attention on passenger carrying commercial vehicles—motorcoaches and buses—as well as proper securement of cargo.

In 2012, Roadcheck emphasized a back-to-the-basics focus, with special attention paid toward braking systems and hours of service, the top ranking violation categories for vehicles and drivers, respectively. Of the 74,072 truck and bus inspections, 48,815 were North American Standard Level 1 inspections – the most comprehensive roadside inspection, of which 22.4 percent of vehicles and 3.9 percent of drivers were placed out of service.