Firm Profile

Anderson and Yamada, P.C. has been providing competent and effective legal representation in Portland, Oregon since 1982. The success of our firm is based on our years of experience, dedication to our clients, extensive legal backgrounds, and a detailed understanding of the region, its customs and regulations.

The attorneys at Anderson and Yamada, P.C. pride themselves on service without pretense. When you call Anderson and Yamada, PC, your call is not screened or transferred to an assistant – you get your attorney. By working closely with our clients, we are able to understand and achieve their business, personal and financial goals.

Mr. Anderson and Mr. Yamada achieved their success by rolling up their sleeves and doing the work. Their backgrounds are diverse in that Mr. Yamada primarily practices in the area of transactions such as estate planning and probate, while Mr. Anderson litigates cases, focusing on transportation issues. Their years of maintaining a successful practice is proof that their backgrounds complement one another. This translates into attorneys with significant experience working through the court system, or if possible, avoiding that same system.

The attorneys at Anderson and Yamada, PC take their client’s issues seriously and strive to communicate the road that lies ahead. Their years of experience practicing law have made these attorneys competent, assertive, perceptive, and discerning. As a result, the attorneys are better able to help you achieve your goals through the practice of law.