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Terence J. Yamada

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Terence J. Yamada represents both individuals and corporations, guiding them through complex transactions in a manner that is both informative and efficient.  His excess of 30 successful years helping clients plan their estate and pass their business to the next generation provides him the knowledge and experience to render competent professional advice on any complex planning structure. His clients recognize his professionalism and attention to detail and rely on his advice to accomplish their goal.

Mr. Yamada’s experience in transactional law is extensive.  He has assisted clients in every aspect of their lives and the life of their business in order to efficiently plan for life’s expected and unexpected events.

Estates and Trusts

Mr. Yamada assists clients first in evaluating their needs, deciding if a Revocable Living Trust is necessary.  If so, he will work with you to determine the most practical structure for your Revocable Living Trust, considering tax consequences, wealth acquisition and preservation, as well as family dynamics.  Mr. Yamada will prepare your documents and also sit down and review each detail so that you have a clear understanding of what will happen in any given scenario.  Next, Mr. Yamada will assist in transferring any property, real or personal, into the name of the trust(s), and if necessary, prepare later amendments to a trust should the need arise.

Mr. Yamada continues to build upon his knowledge, keeping up on the latest planning techniques.  He also represents trustees and beneficiaries in understanding the rules surrounding the administration of a trust, whether they need assistance with specific problems or routine questions.


Mr. Yamada understands the difficulty in probating a loved one’s estate.  This is an especially difficult time.  Mr. Yamada is able to efficiently address the routine requirements placed on a Personal Representative and help them fulfill their duty.  He will apply his many years of experience to resolve disagreements, solve unanticipated problems, or explain the very technical questions that may arise.  In all, his goal is to make this process as uneventful as possible.

Business Organizations

Mr. Yamada routinely advises families and business owners in business succession planning and assists corporations in maintaining their structure. He provides insight for individuals who wish to sell their business to a family member or any individual.  He will help you obtain a valuation and prepare all of the documents that achieve a sale in one transaction or over a period of years while keeping your investment properly secured.  With his experience, he can assist in a manner that allows passage to a new generation while minimizing tax consequences and preserving some control, depending upon the need of his client.